10 Conscious practices in Generative Parenting


Generative practices allow us to connect with our deeper wisdom and to create healthy relationships with our best gurus, our children.


This program will provide participants the ability to connect and use our own emotional & spiritual intelligence to consciously connect within, with our deeper wisdom, something greater, and our children, creating a generative family.


It’s not about perfection, it’s about connection.”
Rita Aleluia


The focus of the program is about connection and how to bring transformational change in families. You will discover how 3.th generation of NLP, already proved by the new science, may help us to gain and use awareness in a systemic way.


We will introduce:

10 Generative Parenting Practices;
How to change your parent reality;
The power and how to define intentions;
How to create a conscious field;
Regenerative Emotions;
Heart & Brain Coherence.


About Rita Aleluia 


Global NLP Master Trainer & speaker, Generative Coach & Consultant, published author, the ANLP ambassador for Portugal and the only Portuguese NLP University California affiliate.

Rita Aleluia is the 2019/2020 NLP Award Winner in Education, who started developing NLP & Generative Parenting® (GP) in 2010. In 2018, Rita was considered by the Regional Government of Madeira as one of the most influential Portuguese women. Holding a degree in Science Communication, and after being journalist for 16 years, she starts to study NLP, Success Factor Modeling (SFM), Generative Coaching, Generative Consultancy, Trauma & Resilience, Heart & Brain Coherence. She is a published author of two books, about parenting and education, published in Portuguese – “Mothers of the World” and “Little Gurus”, and co-author of two books, published in English “Powered by NLP 2 – The Evolution of NLP” and “Powered by NLP 3 – Breaking Waves, Turning Tides”. Rita created “The Generative Village”, a global community of generative families and professionals that contribute to co-create a world where every single person can manifest her/ his own essence. She is shifting the parenting and educational paradigm all over the world, with her lectures, interviews and articles. She believes that our children are coming to awake our undeveloped self. As Rita use to say, “children are our best gurus!” Rita has the blessing of being a mother of two of them. She believes that the parent – child relationship can be the most spiritual and generative relationship of our lives. As she absolutely believe: “it’s not about perfection, it’s about connection!”




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