What is NLP University?

NLP University

Multi-Module Practitioner Certification

NLP Training


June 23-July15, 1991

University of Californi at Santa Cruz


Learning, Creativity, Health and Leadership are the four most essential components of a vital and productive life. Learning is important because it is the fundamental process through which we acquire new skills and achieve personal competence and excellence. Learning involves the process of developing conscious & unconscious competence through the stablishment of new programs and strategies. Creativity and innovation are important because we need to develop and change in order to survive and grow. It involves the process of coordinating the dreamer, the realist and the critic through strategy and flexibility. The skills of achieving and maintaining health are necessary regardless of who you are, whether you are rich or poor, or what you do for aliving. Health is also the most basic emerging metaphor for functional individuals and organizations. It involves managing beliefs and values to create alignment and balance. Leadership skills are essential for expressing yourself and accomplishing your goals in the context of working with other people. It involes establishing rapport, organizing, interacting and communicating within a system to move towards your highest aspirations.

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