What Is NLP?

NLP is stand for  Neuro-Linguistic Programming

You may have heard the word NLP from many people or maybe you came across this word in the world of internet or books and you wonder what is it and why do we hear about NLP from people who are interested in personal development and success. NLP which stands for Neuro-linguistic programming is an approach for human excellence which dates back to 1970. 


Neuro refers to the way we use our nervous system and our five senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch to gather the information from the world we experience.


Linguistic refers to the way we use language and language patterns to communicate with ourselves (our thoughts) and others and also how we use language to give meaning to the world we experience. 


Programming refers to our behaviors and choices which are formed based on our internal and mental patterns. 

In 1970 a university student in Santa Cruz, California named Richard Bandler met a Professor of Linguistics named John Grinder and they started a project which leds to founding NLP. Bandler was intrested in psychology and was working on some psychology scripts, he found that some of the therapists are very successful in budling relationships and therapy and others are not. He then came to this idea that successful people are using their language in a different way that the others. He shared this idea with John Grinder and they started studing successful people first in the field of psychology and then in other fields. They started with these questions:

How do we communicate with ourselves and the others?

Why some people are succsesful and the others are not?

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They finally came to this conclusion that the reason of people’s success depends on how they use their language in communications with themselves and the others and how they give meaning to the world they experience.

Although Richard Bandler and John grinder are known most for creating NLP, but it was actually founded by a group of people who made consistent contributions. This group includes Grinder and Bandler as well as Frank Pucelik, Robert Dilts, Steve Andereas, Judith Delozier, Leslie Cameron, David Gordon, and others.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is about the interaction between our nervous system (brain), our language patterns and our body. And how these interactions form some programs which creates our choices and behavior.  The idea is that our mind is programmed like computers, these programs produce behaviors and the results and success we reach or we don’t depend on these programs.

But the good news is that we can reprogram our minds whenever the results we reach in life are not desired. NLP provide us with a set of tools, skills and processes which can be used for ourselves or others to make desired results. It also has a set of principle and rules and the main point is that: the map is not the territory, which actually means what we experience as the world and reality is just our interpretation of reality. The map of reality is not reality. 

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