A Marvelous Transformation The 9th International NLP Webinar


For coaches, trainers, and especially health coaches, anyone who has lived life on earth, And you!


Make a marvelous transformation for healing and change. Find the pain and let go of what is holding you back from your optimum health, relationships, business opportunities, and more with this sensitive, tender, and releasing program adapted for this seminar


About Debrah Roundy:

  • Let go of terminal liver disease using Traditional Chinese Medicine and NLP.
  • Medical Doctors have declared it is gone.
  • Education Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints assigned to Samoa with the assignment of a college professor with BYU Hawaii.
  • Taught NLP skills in the USA, China, Macau, Vanuatu, and Samoa.
  • Global Trainer and affiliate with NLPU.
  • NLPU Resource person.
  • Wrote “NLP for Me”, a program for teaching NLP as life skills for early primary and special needs students.
  • Published Three College Texts Using NLP to enhance English acquisition skills.
  • Debrah is CEO of Magic Valley NLP, centering on education and transformation.


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