Master the Inner Viruses to a Healthy and Versatile Mindset The 3rd International Webinar


Alexandra Efthimiadou




7:00 pm Tehran 7:30 am PST

We will discuss:

  • What is the biology of “No”?
  • How the immune system raises protection fences?
  •  How does this survival mechanism disrupts the way we react in times of uncertainty, chaos, complexity and creates inner viruses?
  • How does it affect human behavior when under changes, uncertainty, and chaos?
  • How Neuro Linguistic Programming system of techniques, can help us master the inner viruses, create a healthy, versatile mindset to lead through paradigm shifts?

About  Alexandra:

  • Founder of Synolic – nlpgreece Since 1998
  • PhD at Human Resource Development
  • Master of Social Science
  • Certified NLP Mater Trainer -Robert Dilts
  • Language Speak : Greek, English
  • Author of :
    1. NLP Demythologized
    2. Think the way you think and think it over

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