Infant Mental Fitness & Awareness The 4th International Webinar


Marianna Antonakaki


27th February


7:00pm Tehran 7:30am PST

The first 4 years of Children are very important and critical for their mental, emotional and physical growth. Those first 48 months can influence the life we lead as adults and are holding most of the beliefs and challenges we face while growing up.

In our workshop we will explore bites on:

  • Attachment Theories and the Neurobiology of babies and toddlers
  • The main development of their sensory genius
  • Mental Health Facilitation for the mother and the postpartum challenge.
  • Mindfulness and Rapport
  • The art of metaphors
  • The Principles of Non-Directive Ericksonian Play
  • Kinaesthetic Storytelling
  • and the importance of the 5 major needs of infants and toddlers.

Marianna Antonakaki

  • Play therapist
  • Global Nlp trainer & consultant
  • Founder of NowLetsPlay®️ & NLPregnancy®️
  • NLP University California Santa Cruz
  • Studied French Philology & Philosophy, national university of Athens.
  • Ambassador of Educational & Parenting Protocol in nlpgreece
  • Certified Practitioner NLP New Code, ITA
  • Certified Infant Play Therapist – Play Therapy Tr. PTI, PtGR
  • Mental Health Facilitator, NBCC
  • Certified Practitioner Integral Eye Movement Therapy, International Association for IEMT
  • Certified Practitioner Story Play®️ Ericksonian Non-Directive Model for Play,
  • Certified Practitioner Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Certified Practitioner, for Families Circle Of Security Model
  • Certified Consultant MINDSET MAPS®️,
  • Language Speak: Greek, English, French fluently, and Italian.

The workshop is a wonderful opportunity for:

  • Parents
  • Educators
  • Nannies and CareGivers
  • Future Parents
  • Children Specialists
  • Nurses and baby sitters
  • Foster Parents
  • to facilitate a respectful, generous and caring relationship with infants and toddlers

The Baby NowLetsPlay® workshop will influence families, caregivers and parents to:

  • Build healthy attached relationships
  • To guide attuned attachment
  • Support children to build self-esteem and explore the world
  • Grow into aware, resilient, self


Also to sustain infants and toddlers to:

  • Build emotional and mental intelligence
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Gain resilience
  • Connect with their family members
  • Cope with difficulties
  • Develop soft skills and be socially strong and active
  • Maintain self-respect and awareness
  • Be caring and develop empathy

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