Victim to Hero Transmuting Pain and Anger into a Gift The 5th International Webinar


Jehan Shanableh


13th April, 2021


7:00pm Tehran 7:30am PST

In our webinar we will explore:

  • The program will help you learn how to deal with the rising challenges we are facing in this time of pandemic and upheaval, deal with grief and loss, deal with failure or setbacks, which we all are facing in a way or another, and learn how to change your mind about what is going on by viewing it from a different perspective and from a higher level of truth that brings in not only peace of mind and heart, but also shift the focus and attention to where it ought to be, and connect to the source of creativity within that will transform the experience from zero to hero.
  • In this Master class, we will acknowledge the wound, develop acceptance of what is, and together go higher to the seventh plane of existence, the plane of creation, and witness the miracle, then come back to the earthly plane of day to day life with more clarity and energy and creativity to move forward with grace and power.

The technique that will be introduced in this session is a ThetaHealing technique created by Vianna Stibal, which utilizes spirituality and energy healing, in addition to the utilization of the Generative Change methodology by Dr. Stephen Gilligan.

Be kind with yourself, be proud of your wounds, for these are the experiences that bring the diamond within you to shine brighter. This wound is the crack that the light is allowed to come in through.

The webinar is a wonderful opportunity for:

This session comes after a personal experience of a recent loss of a marriage, business, and loved ones, which is worth addressing and healing, and dealing with.

About: Jehan Shanableh

A Humanitarian advocate and a personal and social/organizational behavioral change researcher, consultant, facilitator, and coach. Experienced in corporate executive and teams coaching and training, to communicate and influence change and growth-mindset, health and wellbeing for better education and life conditions. Thrives in coaching SMEs’ business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs towards upscaling their ventures. A strong believer in the right of a better future for all.

  • NLP Certified Trainer by the ITA (International trainers Academy of NLP) by Dr. John Grinder
  • A Mindset Maps International Certified Coach
  • A Generative Coach and a holistic Theta Healing Practitioner.
  • In addition to being the vice president of the Behavioral Economics Association in Jordan
  • Founder of Innana Consulting and Training for Organizational and Social Change.
  • Based in Jordan, and serves the countries in the Middle East and North Africa region. A bilingual; English and Arabic.

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