A Story ….. To undrestand the Importance of The Meta Models


The Meta Models

A businessman finished and the light was turned off in the store, after which a man appeared and demanded money. The man opened the cash register, the contents of the register were taken out and the man quickly ran away.

True or False? Answer these questions about the story above, and let other people answer these questions as well:

  • A man appeared after the owner turned off the store’s light.
  • The store owner was not present in the store at the time.
  • The robber was a man.
  • The robber demanded money.
  • There is no robber.
  • The man who ran away quickly is the same man who cleaned out the contents of the cash register.

Compare your answers. This seemed like a very clear story. We all had a good idea of ​​the story, of what happened. And yet everyone had a different image in their head when you compare the answers. but if the words are not clear and specific, you can leave the meeting with the feeling that everything is just right, just one week later it can turn out badly.

The meta-model is the remedy for generalizations, distortions, and omissions, which in universities is taught as ‘noise in communication’. Use the metamodel to get out of impasses, gain new insights, come up with arguments, dismantle manipulative people and put problems and limiting thoughts in a new perspective. That’s how you shake up someone’s world model. You create new choices and possibilities by giving the other (and yourself) access to the information that is missing in the verbal expression. That way you create clarity.









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