Conscious Relationship the 1st International Webinar


Eva Wieprecht


December 16th, 2020


3:30 CET 7:30 PM Iran

Relationships are the gateway equally to our misery as well as our happiness, creating conscious awareness in our relationships is the golden key to choice

The program will provide hands-on skill development and growth opportunities. Virginia Satir created a number of healing and integrating processes to help make sense of each other and ourselves. Her objectives were personal growth and congruent communication, helping individuals to become “more fully human”. This involves appreciating our past and the resources we developed as we grew up. In this Master’s class, we want to open for a greater understanding of our own capacities and impacts in relationships and create a better understanding of how to support positive relationships.

The focus of the program of the Satir Model is to bring about transformational change.

You will gain awareness, experiences, and practical knowledge on the interactional space the “between space” of people communicating and interacting. This approach is highly experiential by nature, systemic, and growth-oriented. It specifically focuses on creating consciousness about the correlation of our esteem level and behavior in interaction.

We will introduce:

-Stress-Stance-Dance to gain conscious awareness about our copings with stress

-Relationship-Mantra Dance for differentiated connectedness

-Mirror experiences for strengthening eye-level communication based on the principle of Martin Buber:

“the “I” ripens in the presence of the “you”

bout Eva Wieprecht:

  • Director of the International Virginia Satir Institute of Germany
  • Certified Satir Trainer in the Enriching Program – based on the teachings of Virginia Satir, by Sharon Loeschen
  • Trainer and Team leader in Virginia Stair’s Human Validation Model
  • Certified Hypnosystemic Coach and Consultant – Germany, Milton Erickson Institute Heidelberg, Dr. Gunther Schmidt
  • Extensively trained in Generative Trancework and Self-Relations Psychotherapy with Dr. Stephen Gilligan
  • Trainer in the Generative Coaching Program developed by Dr. Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts
  • Certified NLP Coach and Master Trainer California, UCSC-NLPU, Trained by Robert Dilts, Judith DeLozier, Suzie Smith, Michael Colgrass, Sid Jacobs
  • Certified NLP Trainer, DVNLP, Germany MBA (University of Cologne, Germany)
  • International consultant, trainer, and systemic business coach with a Management and Systemic Process
  • Coaching expertise in family-owned businesses
  • Director of the International Virginia Satir Institute of Germany
  • And Topic related programs (generative relationships, generative leadership, generative communication to name a few).

Since 2010 she has been the founder and training director of the International Virginia Satir Institute (with Dr. Gunther Schmidt, Dr. Stephen Gilligan, Judith DeLozier, Robert Dilts, and Dr. Patricia Nowack the advisory board) where she and her international education team developed The Generative Systemic Satir Model Program – practitioner level and master practitioner level, The Hero’s Journey Program, Somatic Movement Integration Practice.

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