Signs of Resiliency

Signs of Resilience

Resilient people often have a number of different characteristics that help them weather life’s challenges. Some of the signs of resilience include:


1-A survivor mentality: When people are resilient, they view themselves as survivors. They know that even when things are difficult, they can keep going until they make it through.

2-Effective emotional regulation: Resilience is marked by an ability to manage emotions in the face of stress. This doesn’t mean that resilient people don’t experience strong emotions such as anger, sadness, or fear. It means that they recognize those feelings are temporary and can be managed until they pass.

3-Feeling in control: Resilient people tend to have a strong internal locus of control and feel that their actions can play a part in determining the outcome of events.

4-Problem-solving skills: When problems arise, resilient people look at the situation rationally and try to come up with solutions that will make a difference.

5-Self-compassion: Another sign of resilience is showing self-acceptance and self-compassion. Resilient people treat themselves with kindness, especially when things are hard.

6-Social support: Having a solid network of supportive people is another sign of resilience. Resilient people recognize the importance of support and knowing when they need to ask for help.


Resilience represents and ability to handle life’s setbacks and is an overall representation of adaptability. However, there are also different types of resilience, each of which can influence a person’s ability to cope with various forms of stress.

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